Our Life… Kids Quotes

  1. Me: “You should pray about our trip.”
    Ezra: “yeah, I will pray that it’s not boring.”
  2. Ezra: “Sorry we didn’t get you anything for Father’s Day.”
    Me: “It’s ok. I know you love me. That’s what counts. You do love me, right?”
    Ezra: “Yes. Besides, what would we do without you?”
  3. Lian: “Daddy! There’s burgers in my nose!”

          Me: “Do you mean boogers?”

         Lian: “Yes. Can you get them out for me?”

  1. (Ezra pointed to the green stuff in the Moo Goo Gai Pan.)

          Ezra: “Look out, chilies.”

         Waitress: “No, they’re actually scallions; green onions.”

        I scooped up a piece of chicken to put on Lian’s plate and she burst into tears.

        Lian:”Daddy! I don’t want to eat skeletons!”

  1. At the Chinese restaurant, Lian got this fortune cookie message; “New financial resources will soon become available to you.” Lian pretended to read it and said, “I love you with all my heart.”
  2. (After eating at the restaurant.) Ezra: “Is it rude to leave you with the bill?”


  1. Muana Pachuau says

    I have spent the whole day reading your blog. You are an inspiration. I am so sorry about your divorce ( though its none of my business) I am a mizo, and I am proud to call you the son-in law of Mizoram. Hope Ezra and Liani are doing great. Please keep writing, praying for you and your family.

    Muankima Pachuau