Inside Out


Dear Ezra and Lian,

There’s so many marbles turning to grey and now disappearing. That’s one reason why I am writing this now. In my 3rd year of high school my final average of Grade 11 and 12 classes (I was fast-tracking) was 97.7%. That 94% in English really dragged down my 98%, 99% and 100% in other classes. There’s a lot of hard work involved in getting those grades, but when I was young I had sort of a photographic memory for recalling what I saw and read. I once had a mid-term mark in History of 104% because I got all the bonus points right. In that class, we used to watch these short history videos, “The Day, The World Turned Upside Down” (Typically, I can’t recall the exact title now). We would watch for about 20 minutes and then have a quiz of about 40 questions, but only worth a few points on your final grade. They used to be marked on a Bell curve. The top mark would become 100% and test results would be based on that. My teacher had to change the rules so that the second highest would be 100% and I would get bonus points. Doing the other way, most of the class would fail. The second highest guy would get 60-70%. I wish I could have my 16 year old brain back for just one day. I would write for 24 hours straight.

When we watched the movie “Inside Out”, we saw how so many memories are lost. Lian was laughing during the movie. Ezra was watching expressionless. I was crying so often. I am literally losing my memory marbles. Some of these marbles are too important to lose. I have to commit them to black and white and have them written down.

It is very important that I get some of this information recorded correctly. In my Fishing story, I mistakenly released the man’s name. That potentially (long shot) could have interfered with a police investigation. Every letter is riddled with spelling mistakes and poor grammar. I want you to know, I’m going to start getting help with editing these letters. When I was younger, I thought I could do everything on my own. Now, I need help to write a 3 paragraph letter. I want to give you the truth as best and as beautiful as I can remember it.