Oct. 15, 2015

To The Staff of Ezra and Lian’s School:

I’m deeply sorry that this letter is necessary. As the single father of a child with autism the last thing I want to see is my son ostracized by his classmates , teachers and school staff. You are all new to the school. You will find that as much as time allows I will be deeply engaged in both of my kids’ education. I hope that you can look past the subject matter of this letter towards a continuing process of cooperation in Ezra’s education.

To the point, I am withdrawing my consent for Ezra to receive any form of moral, ethic or religious instruction from school staff. Consequently, I am removing him from any classes involving environmental science, anti-bullying, health education and human rights. I expect that he will be accommodated in alternative classes. You are more than welcome to send any educational material related to these subjects home. I will give him that instruction myself.

I’m not asking for any special treatment because Ezra has an Autism Spectrum Disorder. I’m not claiming a religious exemption. I am simply choosing to exercise the right I was born with. THE UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS Article 26 Subsection 3 states, “Parents have a prior right to choose the kind of education that shall be given to their children.” I don’t want a local deal worked out between the principal and myself. Whatever “punishment” the Minister of Education and the Durham District School Board deem appropriate, give it to us. I will be sending them a copy of this letter with a more fulsome rationale for my choice and why the Ministry’s curriculum is contrary to recent Ontario case law. I will also send you a copy of that letter.

A year and a half ago, Ezra was running around the house shutting off lights. I stopped him. I asked him what he was doing. He was telling me how he learned about Earth Hour at school and how he should do this to “save” electricity and stop global warming. Instead, I took Ezra through our house and we turned on every single electrical device. I turned on all stove top elements to high. Jacked the oven to the highest temperature. Every light went on with the TV and anything else I could find. I told him the truth. In Ontario, on a weekend in April at 8:30 pm, you can’t “save” electricity. You can’t store it in a bottle. The marginal cost is less than $0. I told him the spring freshet was at its maximum and that the water was flowing regardless of what he did. If we don’t harness that hydroelectric power, we simply spill the water over the dam. We later looked up the power generator supply during Earth Hour on the IESO website. I showed him where CO2 emissions from electricity production actually went up during Earth Hour because a natural gas generator came back online. The only things “shutting down” where hydroelectric generators spilling water.

That your school is about a mile from a generating station and still these fairy tales get instructed is truly sad. It’s not based on science or facts, but the religious beliefs of those worshipping Mother Earth. I don’t want my kids part of this nonsense. Not because it’s necessarily harmful, but because it warps their sense of priorities.

The vice-chair of the Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board didn’t even know what Auschwitz was. Yet, she “knew” the Nazi death camp’s fence posts were phallic symbols. She has a Master’s degree in social work. She is both the product and perfect representative for the obsessions of the Ministry of Education. I’m sure she knows how to perfectly segregate her garbage and recycling into the right colour of bins.


While I’m blowing the whistle on the crimes and corruption of a foreign government, I don’t want Ezra learning about trivialities. There is no moral value to using plastic bags despite what he learned last year at school. I risked my life and went into debt to keep tens of thousands of people from starving to death, but the educational priorities of the Ontario government are teaching that there are people with “2 spirits” and that there are 6 genders. There is a genocide taking place right now in Syria and Iraq.


I held Ezra’s sister Lian while she cried so hard that she threw up. This is because her mother was walking away. I comforted Ezra while he was convinced that he would never see his mom again. The root cause was the early childhood sexualization of their mother. I will never let that happen to her kids, even if it is done under the guise of “education”.


While Lian is in Junior and Senior Kindergarten, teach her whatever is in the curriculum. So far she has learned to share, line up, not spit and make friends. Good stuff, keep it up. Go ahead and tell Ezra the school rules. Instruct him in what is appropriate and inappropriate behaviour at school. No matter how good, don’t indoctrinate him with Ministry of Education’s morality.


Sincerely yours,

Tim Morgan