“Do them no favours”


Dear Ezra and Lian,

 I began these letters in a police station. They will end leaving a police station, I think. Or at least with a letter to a police department. (Maybe there will be a new phase of letters in the future.) Fisherman, Brad, Fela, etc. I did them no favours by keeping them out of jail or from interviews with police. It would have been kinder if I had pulled out a gun and shot them in the knee.

When I wrote “Fishing” http://dearezraandlian.com/2015/07/05/fishing I wrote, “you can’t outrun your crimes. The victim’s blood cries out for justice. I did my friend a disservice. For his own sake, he should confess and pay for his crime in jail. Crime and injustice are toxic. Eventually they destroy the people involved and those they love.” Everything I have seen in my life, has shown this to be true. Every single person that I kept their secrets for, has suffered or had their families suffer. Nobody gets away with crime. One way or another, they pay; usually many times over.

If anybody decides to let you in on their crimes, please encourage them to confess. Tell them to go to the police. Offer to go with them. You can call me for a ride or some company or some courage. We can get a lawyer to try for a fair result. Whatever you do, do not bear the burden of this crime or this secret alone. I’m there for you, no matter what.