Wish Me Luck


Dear Ezra and Lian,

When I was teenager, I never imagined that some day I might be going on dates on the same days as my teenage son. I never planned or wanted that to happen. Life has a way of happening while we are planning other things. Most of all my life plans have been thrown out the window. I certainly never planned this. I’m not ready and didn’t really want this. In fact, in my efforts to prove I wasn’t ready, someone has crashed into my world. I have to check out this one in a million woman who’s very interested in your very odd father.

Here’s the truth; most guys in my situation have one set of rules for their kids and a different set for themselves. I’m not going to do that. The rules for you two are same rules for me. If I break them, they’re not going to be your rules. There’s over a 1000 witnesses here to throw this in my face if I don’t keep this promise.

There are many people to whom I am accountable. Some of them will know the truth; am I your standard hypocrite/dad or am I living and enforcing standards cause they matter? I will give you their names. I’m definitely accountable to you. I’m not going to sneak around behind your backs. Hopefully, while you live with me, you can respect me enough to do the same. You are free to question me as you, Ezra, already have. You are going to know where I’m going and what time I got home. You have my mobile# and you can call me any time you want, even when I’m on a date. Some of the rules, you are going to live by when the time comes.

Not that I’m really any good at it, but I hope I can model the right way to date. I hope you can see how a woman should be treated in a dating relationship. We are going to find out if flowers, chocolates, poetry and long walks through the forest, work.

Wish me luck.