Lian was talking to one of her very many black and brown skinned aunties. Lian: “I don’t like brown people.” Auntie: ?!?!?!?!? Later that night…. Me: “Lian, do you know anybody who doesn’t like brown people?” Lian: “Me and my best friend Mahud. That’s pretty much it.” Me: “Why doesn’t Mahud like brown people?” Lian: “Because Arielle said to him. Mahud, what are you doing?!? And Mahud said “nothing. None of your business!” Then he said to me; “I don’t like brown people.”” Me: “But Arielle was at your birthday party! What colour is Mahud’s skin?” Lian: “Brown.” Me: “Mommy has brown skin. You love her don’t you?” Lian: “Yes.” Me: “You love…..(long list of brown and black skinned friends). Please love the brown people again.” Lian: “Ok.” Three things; racism makes no sense, it’s learned early and kids will parrot anything they hear.