The Soundtrack to my Life part 2

Dear Ezra and Lian,
I’ve known a lot of “Lost Boys” in my life. Somehow I end up playing Peter Pan for them. That’s why the next song on the soundtrack of my life is “Lost Boy” by Ruth B Honestly, I could just listen to Ruth B sing the phone book and it would sound nice.
If I ever finish writing my collection of short stories about The Audis and The Lost Boys, it could very nicely be the intro. I know I will keep meeting them, these Lost Boys. I wish I could take them all to Neverland with me, even if for just one day.
So whether it is a wandering Native Canadian or a guy from a powerful family I think of the Lost Boys. I doesn’t matter if they are from Mizoram or Canada or anywhere else in the world. When I hear this song, my eyes get moist and their faces flash before my eyes. I wish I could have saved them or fixed them, but I know I couldn’t. I know I keep passing them by every day. Still I keep listening to their stories. Sometimes I wonder if everyone isn’t really a Lost Boy and I just need to listen long enough to find that out.