Soundtrack of my Life Part IX


Dear Ezra and Lian,


The summer I was 17, I scared my parents tremendously. Without permission, I hitch-hiked from Ontario to Pacific Rim National Park on Vancouver Island in British Columbia. It took me about 40 rides to travel the 9000 kilometres there and back. I spent only $220 for an entire month. I lived on peanut butter sandwiches and I’m still surprised I like them. I lived off the kindness of a lot of friends and relatives. I kept a journal of my days on the road. It changed my life. I definitely had a couple scary situations, but it’s then that I really experienced the kindness of strangers. I learned something about backpacker culture. That’s when I really caught the travel bug.


In the early 80’s, there was a cheesy Canadian television show about a dog that travelled from town to town helping people out of trouble. It was called The Littlest Hobo. I was just a kid and I loved it. I am pretty sure that the story is imprinted on my heart. There is something about being tied down that makes me uncomfortable. I just like to wander around with a purpose of helping a few people along the way. This song makes me think about the thousands of interesting people I have met in this world. It always puts a lump in my throat when I hear it. Here it is; the theme to The Littlest Hobo.