I Was Wrong The soundtrack to my life X

Dear Ezra and Lian:

Am I really just white trash? The answer isn’t really that important. No sense in trying to convince me that I’m not. What matters, is that I have had the fear, that this is all I ever will be.

Is that my destiny? Am I just going to break hearts and make women mad at me like so often lately? I never tried to hurt anyone, yet I do. I’m sorry, Lian that I make you cry almost every day. (You can’t go to school today. You have to wait a few more sleeps.) I have had an upper middle income for 25 years, yet I have more debt than assets. I believe marriage and family are so important, yet I’m divorced. It feels like I’m programmed to self-destruction. 3 Coke Zeros every day tells me, that really I’m not much better than the alcoholic or the drug addict. I just have a less harmful addiction. Does all my charitable giving mean I love the poor or really does it mean that I just want to give my money away before I waste it or lose it all again?http://dearezraandlian.com/2015/08/27/i-was-45-minutes-away-from-being-a-millionaire/

Dear Ezra and Lian, This is such a part of my life, I forget sometimes how much it freaks people out when they hear about it for the first time. I mean, the people who think they know me well. They…

Watching my old house burn down to the ground, really made me feel like white trash. http://dearezraandlian.com/2015/09/20/burning-down-the-house/  People who know me, would think it’s ridiculous that this geeky, do-gooder is white trash. Those who know me really well, would remember me going to Grade 11 every day for 2 weeks with a black eye that my dad gave me. I have never drunk alcohol, but that’s mainly because I promised my mom I never would. That’s after knowing what she grew up with. Watching the old man in the video wearing a “wife-beater” reminds me of my grandfather. I was so scared of that man. Every week this summer I have to deal with the violence that that man wrought  over 60 years ago.

Dear Ezra and Lian, The summer of 1986 I was 13 years old. My grandpa had gone to the nursing home to live. So my mom and dad sold our house in Collingwood, Ontario and moved to grandpa’s farm on t…

The title of the song makes you think he’s singing about believing something that isn’t true. Really it’s about admitting that he did wrong. That’s why, when no one is around and the windows are closed, I can shout out “I was wrong!” I have done so much wrong. I have done both of you wrong. I’m so sorry for the broken relationships and the old friendships that are covered in dust.

Now, Ezra, over the last couple of weeks, you and I have made a lot of females cry or angry with us.  It’s been for totally different reasons. What are we going to do? Good relationships are made up of constant redemption. Redemption starts with saying “I Was Wrong”. Here it is; “I Was Wrong” by Social Distortion.



Social Distortion’s official music video for ‘I Was Wrong’. Click to listen to Social Distortion on Spotify: http://smarturl.it/SocDisSpotify?IQid=SocDisIWW As …