The Soundtrack of my Life Part XIV

Dear Ezra and Lian,

It’s funny how you can hear a song when you are 13 and years and years later, it becomes an unofficial theme song. Of course, when I first this song it had totally different words. Ruth Thompson (soon to be Sprangers) was dressed like a bug. She had big glasses and a headband with springing antennae attached. Paul Hogg and Etienne Sprangers sang the song “I’ve been everywhere, man” except they changed the lyrics to “I have seen lots of fleas, man”. As they sang about all the different kinds of fleas they had seen, Ruth acted it out. It still makes me laugh now, 30 years later. That song marked the beginning of a long friendship between Etienne Sprangers and I. He is 10 years older than me and he was a mentor to me for many years. We did a lot of camping and fishing together. So this song makes me think of him and all the kind folks at the Collingwood Evangelical Missionary Church who helped me grow up. Pastor Richard Wright, the Thompsons, the Hartwigs, etc. My other mentors like Ute Lorenz and my high school history teacher, Mr. MacCullum, they really changed me. Even though I really have been everywhere, I have not forgotten these people and the impact they had in my life. I hope as you grow older, you are surrounded my good adults who will help you become a good man and a good woman. I will always be grateful, I had that. Here is Canadian, Hank Snow’s “I’ve been everywhere (man)”.