Champhai Grandma


To all the friends, family and neighbours of Ezra and Lian’s Great-Grandma, the mother of Pu B. T. Nghinglova, the wife of Pu B. P. Khuma, Ruth’s “Champhai Grandma”, my Api, I extend my heart-felt condolences on your loss. I mourn the passing of a beautiful soul. We join with you in remembering a lovely lady who will be sadly missed by the Morgan Family.

Dear Ezra and Lian,

Your Champhai Great-Grandma has passed away this morning. I only ever knew her as Api. I miss her. It genuinely makes me sad to know she has died. She was such a joyful soul. Please re-read my Champhai letter to you to understand just how amazing it was that she could be so happy.

The first time I met her, I felt like I had travelled to the end of the world to meet her and your great-grandfather. I spoke no Mizo. They spoke no English. Yet, somehow we had some of the greatest conversations you could imagine, even when we had no translator.

Your great-grandma always spoke with a twinkle in her eyes and a big smile on her face. She would say something in Mizo, then laugh loudly, but cover her mouth with her hand. She was so friendly to this Sap from Canada. Api loved to cook. She cooked me such delicious Mizo food. She fed so many at her house. She made me feel very welcome in Champhai.

We would sit beside each other on traditional Mizo stools. She would squat down to tend to the fire. She had more flexibility in her knees at 80 years old then most 20 year old Canadian women. Ezra, remember last September when you played that game where you couldn’t use your hands? I told you that you would beat the other boys because I knew you had your great-grandmother’s genes. Of course, you easily won.

One of the most enduring images of your great-grandparents is them sleeping. Both of them were smaller than you are now Ezra at 11 years old. They had a bed smaller than yours, but larger than Lian’s. The two of them slept together in that little bed. They weren’t sleeping like old people do. They were cuddled together in each other’s arms. Today they are once again in each other’s arms.

Love you forever,