Who We Are


Here’s a brief description of who we are;

Lian Lalmalsawmi Morgan is 4 years old. Her name in Mizo means “Big Gift of God.” Her nickname is Liani which literally means “Biggie”. She doesn’t even weigh 40 pounds. She starts Junior Kindergarten in September, 2015. She is very talkative and says funny and cute things all the time.

Ezra Zonunmawia Morgan is 11 years old. His middle name in Mizo, means the “(Mountain) Man with the Beautiful Life”. Ezra has a high functioning form of Autism Spectrum Disorder. Ezra is starting Grade 6. Ezra looks at the world very differently than most every kid your know. He says very insightful things.

Timothy William Morgan (Tim) is 42 years old. He has red hair. He has visited India 7 times and the state of Mizoram in Northeastern India 6 times. Altogether he spent over 12 months there. He has volunteered with numerous relief and development projects in Mizoram. He separated from Ruth Zopari Bolchim Morgan May 10, 2013. Their divorce was finalized in February, 2015.