Why I Write

The answer for why I’m writing these letters to you is in the letters themselves. I believe every letter follows a few strands or themes that run through them all. However, there are a few key letters that explain the impetus for writing the rest.

JULY 5, 2015…..Prison Break >>>Freedom
JULY 26, 2015…..The Bus Ride that changed our lives>>>Mizoram
Date….Internet Accountability/No Secrets/Public>>>Accountable
AUGUST 29, 2015….The Jeep Ride that changed your lives>>>Destruction
SEPTEMBER 6, 2015….Flesh-eating disease>>>No regrets
JULY 11, 2015….Manipur>>>Big mistake
JULY 7, 2015….Champhai>>>Big mistake
JULY 5, 2015….Fishing>>> Big mistake
AUGUST 8, 2015…Why divorce>>>Forgiveness